Monday, April 4, 2011

HIM - Behind the Crimson Door Lyrics meaning

I think "your love will be the death of me" has more to do with, say, reversing a cold, dead heart, than with hurting him or completing his life. Since the WINTER sings "your love will be the death of me," I think that makes sense. Like love could end the winter of his soul. that case, maybe he means the love of God. Whatever, anyway it's a beautiful line. "crimson door" is a physical body--meaning, flesh and blood. Mortality. Because, really, what is your body but a gateway between life and death? Also, I think the talking in the background is Finnish, which is why we don't understand it...heh.

I feel this song is about a bad relationship where one part. tries to forget or hide from all the bad stuff thats going on. just to stay in that relationship & to have some one even though. they know that persons love is going to end up hurting them more

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