Sunday, April 3, 2011

HIM - And Love Said No Lyrics meaning

This one is one of my fav HIM lyrics. This is just another wonderful song to add to the collection of all of the great HIM songs out there.  i think he just wants a girl but couldn't get her and he's ready to die for her but stilll she wouldn't agree. Ville Valo said that this lyrics is the most personal to him at the moment. And that the lyrics we're a story about a relationship that doesn't work that well. About losing all hope about the future when it comes to love & romance, but in some way find the right person in the end of the tunnel.
This is one of the new songs off of the And Love Said No CD, (Along with Solitary Man).

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kumahasiaweh said...

geat..i love it... i hope, i get anymore about HIM lyrics meaning..thank for a fullreview about this lyrics... :)

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