Monday, March 28, 2011

HIM lyrics - Venus Doom meaning

HIM is the only band I've ever listened to who can so easily and seamlessly express the beauty of opposites. Every title of every album (HIM) they've ever made is a complete oxymoron. Something about Ville valo lyrics is just so unbelievably appealing. this lyrics is absolutely amazing, and i think its talking about being in love with someone but things are going to turn out bad with them. the name itself says it: in roman mythology, Venus is the god of love, beauty, and fertility. One definition of doom is "unavoidable ill fortune". so goes the combination of love and death in a HIM lyrics, but astounding nonetheless.

as ville ( Vocal of HIM)  is always saying in his interviews that his lyrics always reflect his current state of mind caused by problems or life's adversities, i think that this is also the case here since he had a lot of those during the preparing and recording of the HIM album ... in my opinion, considering the breakup with his fiancee, who, i think in this case, represents venus doom, he is confessing his undying love for her and the fact that he didn't want the break up and the situation where she was left with nothing cause of his drinking problem (Grieve all your hearts out as she'll arrive enthralled in tragic, ecstatic agony And in her flames we will die some more), but she was also the reason he succeded to overcome that (She'll be the light to guide you back home), (all dreams are of you my venus doom). well, that's in my perception of this song, and of course ville used lots of other symbols, oxymorons and melancholic tones for which they are recognizable... well, that's what i percieved from this song... but i also think he left a lot of room for free, personal interpretation of it...
how do you think? ... you may agree or not, it's up to you ...

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