Monday, March 7, 2011

HIM lyrics - Funeral of heart meaning

HIM is the best band ever. and this just backs this up. since this is song meanings. this song (funeral of  heart lyrics) well means that love is what kills relationships. it makes no sense but ville valo ( vocal of HIM ) is saying how you shouldn't get too involved with someone because if u do, when it ends ur gonna feel like u've just been killed. lyrics verse 1 is saying how the girl will be the one trying to make everything work and the man is gonna get hurt emotionaly. verse 2 the grl is solving the problem that would lead 2 a breakup (troubles and fears) and the man doesn't really care.

she was the sun shining upon the tomb of your hopes and dreams" is implying to me that 'he' has had his hopes and dreams killed before and that 'she' is about to make it happen again, "she was the wind, carrying in all the troubles and fears you for years tried to forget" is implying he had tried to forget the troubles and fears associated with being in love, but she brought it all back. love is the funeral of hearts, because love usually ends up with a broken heart. it's yet another HIM song about the futility of life/love. love can quite often be a gun separating two people, think romeo and juliet.

 anyways HIM lyrics crew like this song. we think he says it all right in the very beginning. "Love's the funeral of hearts," Love's always going to break your heart.. no matter how long you ago your heart was broken.. no matter how happy you think you are... it will always somehow separate you and remind you of a broken heart... at least that's what it means to me....

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