Sunday, February 27, 2011

HIM lyrics - Wings of a Butterfly Meaning

HIM lyrics share a bit about the Wings of a Butterfly lyrics, and a little interview with Ville Valo about Wings of a Butterfly meaning.

In certain cultures, butterflies are believed to be sacred. And they live forever. But ripping the wings of them off, would kill them, thus giving the person who ripped them off, eternal life, In this song, Ville  valo is basically saying that it comes from a Greek mythology that they belived that if you ripped the wings out of a butterfly then they would live forever. Would you be able to destroy something buetiful to live forever and  are you willing to take a chance to ruin something beautiful (a butterfly. But in this case, he's using a metaphor. Ie butterfly = life) To take a risk (ripping the wings off = a relationship) in order to gain something greater (eternal life from ripping the wings off = Love).

The first verse tells of exitement "the blood on our hands is the wine" "heaven's ablaze in our eyes" "we offer as sacrifice". But the second verse shows the regrets they face but they still don't have to worry about dieing, they have become immortal. but they still want forgiveness "This endless mercy mile" "hell's freezing over in our eyes" "God's kneel before our crimes"

              Meaning of the Song Katherine Wheel

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