Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HIM Lyrics - Ville Valo is not satisfied with Screamworks

HIM Lyrics trying to find out, whether ville valo satisfied with Screamworks?. hmm HIM Lyrics finally found a little interview with Ville Valo.
Were you ( ville valo) satisfied with the success of "Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice"? No. But I'm never satisfied. We put so much work, time and energy into it and consequently it's Very Important That the record is successful. Our record label in Germany has done a really great job, it was a pleasure. Some countries in. But nothing Happened. I do not scale success by sales, but I would have appreciated if the album Had been a bit more Important to Some people Than it eventually was. However, with so much music being around, there's a lot of good music. Nowadays it has changed from Difficult for a listener to concentrate on an album or to fall in love with a band. I find That kinda discouraging. And this has nothing to do with "Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice". Bottom line: we're a band and part of That whole game.
Do you have something like a caption for 2010? Another year. (Laughs) 2010 was the year of changes and of deaths. Many WHO were the resource people really close to the band Died, like Peter Steel. A strange year, maybe one Would you later with a big X mark, nobody will of talk about 2010 anymore. Consequently it's Important to concentrate on the positive aspects. If you'd only see the negative Things, you'd get paralyzed and incapable of doing anything at all. The world is a beautiful place. You never know what's Awaiting you at the next corner. Personally I kinda Had the feeling that something Would Happen this year. Just a feeling. And still nothing Happened. Maybe it yet earnest. A strange feeling. For a strange year.

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