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Him lyrics make a list of HIM songs remixed

Him lyrics finally able to make a list of HIM songs remixed, though it was too late but never mind, Him lyrics will be a little review of some information. Well let's get started. 'Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice' is to get the full remix treatment. Get more information!

HIM have revealed that they were to release 'SWRMXS', a remix of the material from 2010 'Screamworks: In Theory And Practice Love' album. This album was released on December 7, 2010.

Full tracklisting for ‘SWRMXS’ is:
9.   “Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)” (VV Remix)
10. “Scared To Death” (Diamond Cut Remix)
11. “Acoustic Funeral” / “Like St. Valentine” / “Katherine Wheel” (ÖÖ Megamix)

The Sire Records release marks the first time the band has released a full-length remix . It features collaborations with some of the biggest names in electronic music today as well . as with new stars on the electronic scene and remixes from HIM frontman Ville Valo.

Before the release, Valo was quoted on about putting together the album cover art, which features a unwound VHS tape moved into the band's signature heartagram symbol, "I dreamt the image one night, opened up the toolbox in the morn and started smashing the vhs tape to a gazillion tiny bits with a hammer. After its guts were splattered on my kitchen floor, I rather delicately forced the tape to form a heartagram. Not too different than creating a remix, see?"

The remix album includes remixes by Dutch musician/record producer Tiesto (on "Love, The Hardest Way"),  L.A.-based electro house DJ Morgan Page (on "The Foreboding Sense of  Impending Happiness"), Michigan band Salem (on "In The Arms Of Rain"), and Finnish electronic music producer Huoratron (on "In Venere Veritas"), among others.

The album has seen some criticism from HIM fans who are unhappy with the sharp contrast to

HIM's usual brand of gothic rock but if those critics would take a moment and listen to the album as a whole I think they will come to enjoy and appreciate the new direction.

The whole point of a remix album is to step outside of the norm and allow listeners to discover some of their favorite songs in a new way.  It also allows the original artists to branch out and play around with ideas and different genres that they normally would never attempt or look at.

SWRMXS definitely does all of the above.  Not all of the tracks are stand outs but most of them do a good job at bringing something new and unique to the songs.

From front to the back the album flows with a upbeat rhythm that is perfect work out and dance music.

Salem's "In The Arms of Rain" remix does a great job of taking the track's original wonderous feel to new heights while Gavin Russom's remix of "Ode To Solitude" actually softens the song a bit.

Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) was one of the standout tracks on the original album and it remains the best track on the remix album as well taking it from a powerful ballad to a stunning dance track.

The album ends with a megamix of "Acoustic Funeral", "Like St. Valentine" and "Katherine Wheel".

Apart the tracks are very different but they somehow seem to flow together well on the remix track allowing SWRMXS to end on a high note while staying true to HIM's dark side.

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