Monday, January 10, 2011

HIM Lyrics - My H.I.M story by Declan Phoenix

My father is a Sound Engineer, so he works a lot with TV and Radio and frequently gets some pretty big names in to work with.
He gave me a call to ask me to come in to just give him a hand around the studio, nothing new there really. He also asked me to bring in one of my H.I.M cd's
because he wanted to use one of the songs....strange?
I arrived at his studio, and sat around for quite a while. He told me if anyone comes in to give him a call.

Fifteen minutes later of sitting around, two men come through the door.
I gave a glance up, and back down at my magazine, then straight back up.
It was Ville valo himself, and Mige.
They had come in to do a radio interview for Rockline and my dad was recording it.

(The day before I had seen them live and the day after the Radio Interview I was going to see them again.
Three days worth of Ville Valo :D)

I can't tell you what was going through my mind at that exact time, I can't even tell you how I was feeling.
My heart felt like it had stopped and was about to burst through my chest. I felt like I had fallen into a dream.
Or was hallucinating to the most extreme.

I've been a H.I.M lover since 2001, So this was huge for me.
This was unlike seeing Ville in person on stage.
This was being the only person in the room with Ville.
Then spending three and a half hours in a studio with him.

Watching them in the studio was great, They were cracking jokes while songs were playing.
Ville made a few faces at me and Mige kept getting up for bathroom breaks.
They were the most entertaining people to watch.
I was smiling the entire time, my face hurt because I smiled for so long.

I CAN tell you now it was the single most amazing day of my life.
And I then knew why my dad asked me to bring a CD, I saw Ville pull out a silver sharpie.
I got a photo with them, said goodbye, and they left.

When Ville Valo and Mige left, So I snuck into the room they were in and took what Ville left behind .
(His Coke bottle, Vitamin water bottle and Red Bull can)

and that was my experience with Ville Valo and Mige :D

Here's the interview
and here is a rather horrible photo of me (come on, If I knew they were going to be there I would have made an effort to look better) with Ville and Mige....with sweatmarks...o_o

- DeclanPhoenix

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