Sunday, January 30, 2011

HIM Lyrics Meanings, HIM news , HIM Fans story, and many others

* Ville valo showing of the tattoos on his back
* Ville valo get a tottoos as a teeneger
* Ville valo Tattoos basic inspiration
* Ville valo "i was beaten"
* New HIM album in 2012 Review
* HIM with Ville valo interview for Artist Direct
* Heartagram tattoo stencil for addicts tattoo
* Ville Valo autographs is hunted by the fans of HIM
* Story of HIM live in birmingham at 2010.
* HIM Screen print saint scream.
* Ville Valo interview for outburn.
* Ville Valo say for san francisco.
* HIM live at sonisphere festival 2010.
* Ville Valo talking about road rules for Kerrang
* Ville valo talking about Venus Doom cover
* Ville valo really like songs of Chisu
* Interview with Ville Valo about Screamworks
* Ville Valo for Rock Sound issue 130
* Interview with Ville Valo for january 2009  issue of Bizarre Magazine
* HIM concert at Danube Island Festival 2010
* HIM -  His Infernal Majesty night at Euro Rock Radio
* SWRMXS is a new HIM Remix album
* HIM parted ways with sire/warner music
* Ville Valo Father talking about villes
* HIM Join Me First Single of Razorblade Romance
* The new drummer of HIM after Patka (Gas Lipstick)
* H.I.M first drummer - Juhana Tuomas Rantala (Patka)
* HIM - Deep Shadows Brilliant Highlights biography
* HIM - Greatest Lovesong vol.666 Biography
* Him lyrics make a list of HIM songs remixed
* Ville Valo is not satisfied with Screamworks
* My story you guys saved me this is why memories sharp as dadders
* HIM Lyrics - My H.I.M story by Declan Phoenix
* Him lyrics - H.I.M share a little story
* My HIM experience story from Matt Ducey
* The heartagram is a popular and ville valo talks about his tattoo
* HIM frontman ville valo tattoo diary
* Ville Valo making Heartagram tattoo
* Ville Valo collaboration
* This is Heartagram Tattoos For men
* Heartagram and Bam
* Hmm with Ville Valo
* HIM From Finland To America
* Daniel Lioneye Vol II Previews
* Daniel Lioneye
* Is the Heartagram really a santanic symbol ?
* Watch video lyrics Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice
* Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice out now!
* Video Interview with Ville about Screamworks
* Few days before the new HIM album released
* Singel album “Heart Killer”

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