Monday, January 3, 2011

Him lyrics - H.I.M share a little story

The boys came out and the house went crazy. Just as I suspected, they seem to be having fun again. Ville Valo smiled and played with Mige a lot. Linde was making classic "this solo is straight from my soul and it hurts so fucking good" faces. John Mayer, eat your heart out. Gas seemed content behind the plexiglas and Burton was...Burton.

I have to say that the band sounded great. They sounded tight and Ville's voice was strong. It seems as if they actually want to be playing again. I have to say that the small venue was a shock. The crowd was smaller and older. For once, I didn't feel as though I was surrounded by jail bait. The crowd was pretty casual, and a lot less people in HIM wares than I would have thought. I opted again to go HIMless and just wore my Toe2Toe gear.

So many things were thrown on stage: Male underwear (XXL, it looked like), countless cigarettes (which Ville threw back, sans one...), bras, a Heartagram wrist watch (which Ville wore and "modeled" it. He made a joke about it, too. Something like "Up next, we have Ville in a fabulous Heartagram watch" as he strutted his stuff on the catwalk. Someone also threw a HIM shirt with Ville on it. He again joked that he has never worn himself on a shirt, but would start so that people wouldn't throw stuff anymore.

Set list was fairly standard issue:
Like St. Valentine
Right Here In My Arms
Wings of A Butterfly
Scared to Death
Kiss of Dawn
Join Me
Wicked Game (with the jam session in the middle)
Buried Alive By Love
Disarm Me
Bleed Well
Killing Loneliness
Love The Hardest Way
Funeral of Hearts
Encore: Rebel Yell - With a tribute to Peter Steel that included Mige and Ville repeating something like "Hail Satan" in silly "demon" voices.

I have to say that they looked like they were enjoying themselves, even during Wicked Game. I'm personally sick of it, so I'm not sure how they get themselves to play it again and again after 13 years. I wished some Greatest Lovesongs and Deep Shadows cuts could have made it. I loved hearing the new tracks, they sounded great.

While outside waiting for some friends, the band left the venue. They were immediately hustled into the bus. It caught everyone off guard, as everyone there was just there hanging out, not expecting the band. Ville simply waved and ran to the bus. Burton posed for a pic and signed something before running off. I didn't see Gas or Linde, though. There were quite a few security guards there. Mige was walking behind and slowly, obviously open to sign something or pose for pics. But nobody really seemed to notice. It was sort of funny.

After that, my friends and I went out and celebrated my birthday, but we can't talk about that here...

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