Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ville Valo collaboration

Talking about Ville Valo there will be no end, while he is known as the frontman for brooding Finnish rockers HIM band, Ville Valo has amassed a considerable body of work outside of his famous band for years, collaborating and recording with everyone from Natalia Avelon to Cradle Of Filth. In other words, gothic gloom knows no musical bounds, and these twelve tracks prove it. Some stretch Valo’s vocals into new places, even happy ones.

Here are some collaborations with some artists

1. VILLE VALO featuring NATALIA AVELON “Summer Wine”
2. DANNY CAVANAGH with VILLE VALO live “Inner Silence”
3. AGENTS and VILLE VALO “Jykevää on rakkaus”
4. THE 69 EYES “Beneath The Blue” with VilleValo
5. MANNA featuring VILLE VALO “Just For Tonight”
6. DANIEL LIONEYE “King Of Rock’n Roll”
7. VILLE VALO with guitarist TOMMI VIKSTEN
8. KARI TAPIO and VILLE VALO “Täällä Pohjantähden Alla”
9. VILLE VALO’s solo acoustic cover of DANIEL LIONEYE’s “Lonely Road”  

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