Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hmm with Ville Valo

I had forgotten that I am not the only one frightened of the telephone. Remember this? My dear sweet friend Lisa was wondering what HIM band and I have been up to, because she is sick of my last post. Point taken, but remember you asked for it.

Actually, Ville Valo came by for coffee today. We were discussing the possibility of Ville Valo and I doing a duet on HIM's next cd. I suggested we do a cover of June and Johnny Cash singing Jackson. Before Ville had a chance to take a bite of the fresh scones with creme freish I made him...someone barged in...

Oh Lord, it was Bam. He is always sneaking around here. I think it is because he wants my vintage skateboard or something. Just then, he grabs Ville and puts him in a choke hold. It's a little early for a Bud, isn't it?!? Turns out Bam was jealous, because we usually coffee clutch on Wednesday's, and I had invited Ville over. Men.

I got them to quit fighting after I threatened to play the guitar if they didn't stop. That usually works. Just then, Mr. Forcryeye came in with his sidekick Craig, who hears everything. He was in a good mood that day, and decided not to pummel the two of them, thank goodness...because I am really looking forward to doing that duet with Ville, and Bam and I are going to build a half-pipe next week.


Please note: Any one who thinks that these events actually occurred, needs to have their head examined. Any one who does not understand that this is a joke, and that my bloggy girlfriends will think this is actually funny...needs to stop lurking at my site. thank you. Also, if I have inadvertently stolen a photograph from you I left your watermark. Amen. Also, I don't really know what creme freish is, or how to spell it. In addition, shipping fees may apply. Some people reading this blog have experienced dizziness or fainting. Some nausea has also been reported. If you break out in a rash, seek medical attention immediately.

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