Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Him lyrics - "In Venere Veritas" meaning

In February 2010, HIM band has released a new album entitled "Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice", one song title is "In Venere Veritas" on the opening title Which has a latin name. The most of you I guess, even if you have no clue about Latin, have Heard the phrase "In Vino Veritas" before: In wine there is truth.

Now, there is' truth in another place, in Venere. This is the correct ablative form (Because of in, asking "Where?") Of the name of Venus, Which Is the Goddess of love and sexuality in ancient mythology. In ancient texts, her name was Also Used to refer to the practice of love making, so venus Can be translated as sex.

In Venere Veritas = In Sex, 'there is Truth ....

... still keep on searching.

Being a wine drinker, "In Venere Veritas" brought to mind the Latin phrase "In Vino Veritas", meaning That in wine there is truth. Ville but appears to be playing with words and combined with another Latin word veritas to mean - in sexual desire there is' truth. My Latin is none existant so I am Interested to know if any Latin scholars' Can tell me if this is correct interpretation?

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MANU said...

It means in love there is truth ... just simple, isnt? ... :-)

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