Monday, March 22, 2010

HIM From Finland To America

In 1991, a band in Finland was first formed that eventually would become well-known around the world. This band was initially started by three young men: Ville Valo, a vocalist; Mikko Paananen, bassist; and Mikko Lindstrom, guitarist. Originally the name of the band was actually His Infernal Majesty, but due to bad publicity and confusion, the band soon changed their name to just HIM.

At first the band started out by covering the songs of other people. They covered various songs by artists like Black Sabbath, KISS, Depeche Mode, and Type O Negative. Between late 1991 and 1995 the band was actually on a hiatus, which was due to the founding members performing their military duty. Currently the band not only includes the original three members who started it but also Mika Kristian Karppinen, who plays the drums, and Janne Johannas Puurtinen, who plays keyboards.

This band has released at least 12 albums, starting with the album "666 Ways to Love: Prologue," and only 1,000 copies of this first album were ever released, which makes it highly collectible. In 1999, the popularity of the band began to spread all over Europe, and they released another album called "Razorblade Romance." Eventually the band gained popularity in the United States as well, and in 2002 HIM re-released the album "Razorblade Romance" in the U.S.

When they first started releasing their material in the United States, this band actually had to release their albums under the name HER. The name HIM was then owned by a post-rock band from the state of New York. Soon they were able to purchase the name HIM, and now all of their albums use this name. There were only a few albums released under the name HER, so these albums are also collectibles among their fans.

Other albums that have been released by the band include "Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights," "Love Metal," "Love Said No: Greatest Hits 1997 to 2004," "Dark Light," "Uneasy Listening 1," and "Uneasy Listening 2." The group is also planning on releasing an album called "Venus Doom" in July 2007.

Although the band has seen a few changes over the years, their popularity continues to increase globally. Their signature love metal sound is loved by fans everywhere, and they are beginning to tour with popular names, which is adding to their popularity. Recently they have performed on the same stages as groups like Metallica, Linkin Park, and My Chemical Romance. This is a group that started out small but has already done amazing things in music across the world. No doubt they will continue to enjoy popularity and fame as more and more people become familiar with their unique blend of music.

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