Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heartagram meaning

Heartagram is the meaning symbol of Love Metal, which was created by the vocalist Ville Vallo, a combination of symbols representing metal pentagram and a heart that symbolizes love. Like many people said the heartagram is a combination of heart and a pentagram, then the name, HEARTAGRAM. Ville Valo thought her band this symbol. Ville Valo describes as a kind of yin-yang. Which is a common theme with the name of their album the band. 
The heartagram shows the relationship between love and hate death and a symbol which repersents Heaven and hell, light and darkness, love and hate etc. some people mistake Is the Heartagram really a santanic symbol? band in my opinion is not true
The hearagram is the symbol of the band and the music that plays: love metal. Love the metal is about what it is. Death, decay, sorrow, mixed with love and life. This is a trademark of the band. While grace heartagram HIM album cover, too often a popular choice for tattoo designs in the HIM fans. According to Urban Dictionary, Bam Margera, MTV's "Viva La Bam," often show heartagram to show his love for the band as well.
HIM fan displays his love for the band Thematic heartagram meaning is often present in the lyrics of HIM, too. With album titles like "Dark Light" and "Razorblade Romance," Ville Valo and other members of HIM display their interest in the ideas that contrast.

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