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Ville Valo Biography

Ville Valo was born on November 22, 1976, in Helsinki, Finland, in a small wooden house called Vallila outskirts of Helsinki. Little is known about the Ville Valo other than the fact that he has very bad allergies and asthma. His mother's family came from Hungary and his father is Finnish. They both love music and the legacy they continue to live in the Ville, who began to play bongo drums at the age of three years.

As a child influenced by music-loving parents, who are exposed to popular songs such as Finnish artist Tapio Rautavaara and Rauli Badding Somerjoki, whereas an older cousin introduced him to the heavy sounds of bands like Kiss, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Interests gradually expanded to include reggae, early blues and Ville Valo's enthusiasm for music also took a more active form of expression, and Ville Valo participate in a large number of different Helsinki-based bands: BLOOD (1986-89), Eloveena Boys (1987 -88), Kemoterapia (1989-97)

In 1995, Valo is one of the founding members of HIM band in an old school with Mikko ('Lilly Lazer') Lindstrom and Mikko ('Migé Amour') Heinrik -- augmented by drummer Juhana Rantala and keyboardist Antto Melasniemi -- to form His Infernal Majesty, a band that blended a goth-drag presentation with heavy metal, ambiguous mysticism and dark, fatalistic romanticism (a combination that would ultimately earn the media tag of 'love metal'). The name was later shortened to HIM when it became apparent that the rather Satanic implications of the full title were attracting the wrong crowd. With the release of their debut EP 666 Ways To Love: Prologue in 1996, the band began to cultivate an dedicated audience in Finland -- largely as a result of an interpretation of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game that was featured on the record. This audience expanded to include the other Scandinavian countries the following year, after their first full-length Greatest Love Songs Volume 666 hit the shelves; once again, the album included their popular version of Wicked Game, as well as a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper. With six completed albums and fans begging for more, it isn't any surprise that the band would make it to the gold-status in the United States and Europe.

Today, Ville Valo continues to sing with his band HIM. His tours are welcomed throughout the world and fans are eager to see what is next for the frontman they've decided to cheer on. HIM tour can be found on this site HIM-Tour-Schedule along with other personal appearances for Valo and his fellow band members.

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