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Mika Karppinen Biography

Mika Kristian Karppinen, better known as Gas Lipstick (born February 8, 1971), is currently the drummer for the HIM Band. It is also the drummer for the Finnish death metal cattle bones, punk Ååritila independent bending and metal bands. There was also a drum tech for Stratovarius and time on the DVD Stratovarius for some parts.Mika has his girlfriend Natali Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki, 30 August 2008 married. Mika has become a father when his daughter was born 16th January 2009.

Drum kit

The gas is an endorser of Tama drums, Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian skins and Vic Firth drum sticks.He is also a drummer generous, that is, he plays the HELLO-hat with his left hand and snare with the right, today in most drummers.The gas can be seen in some of the festival season with 3 drums with him, or written in the middle and Tama Heartagram logo on the left and right bass drum too. However, as a rule on their headlining tour, it will only have 1 large box with a Heartagram.

Former bands
Valvontakomissio (1990-1994) Vocals, Drums
Discharge (1991) Drums
Kyyria (1992-1998) Lyrics, Composition, Drums
Dementia (1994-1995) Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar

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