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Mikko Viljami Biography

From his first acoustic mini Landola to his favoured Gibson SG's, Linde has shown the world, in terms of guitar performance, just how its done.Each gig sees him take his spot at the left of the stage, looking outwards to an adoring crowd,all keen to see him and his fellow Love Metal rockers. As the distortions pumped up, the miniture wall of Laney amps beside him explode with the most staggeringly powerful rock riffs that just show how loud this quiet Finn can actually be!

It all began with a 10 year old Blonde haired Finn with enthusiasm,determination, and inspiration. Mikko Viljami Lindstrom, known to friends under the nickname Linde, first began guitar at the age of 10 after recieving a guitar as a christmas present, having seen one in a shop window, that told him he had to play. Inspired by different players ranging from Steve Vai to John Lee Hooker to Jimi Hendrix to envying Mighty Whitey for being able to play with his number one idol, Iggy Pop, Linde, along with a lot of dicipline and hard work, has acheived success. Through his 16 years of playing hes had several private teachers,and attended a music college in his hometown of Helsinki playing, at times, up to 8 hours a day. He later went on a trip to Boston where he attended a 2 month course at the Berklee College of of Music. He admits that he learnt more there than he did after 2 years of attending the college in Helsinki, and no one could arrange material for him to play as well
as the guys in America.
Whilst at school, Linde became friends with Ville Valo. With Valo being a keen bass player it seemed only right that they should play together. After playing in many bands together throughout high school, Ville eventually formed the band His Infernal Majesty; HIM was born, and as they say, the rest is history. 4 albums later Linde is still going strong in HIM. 2001 even saw him form his own side project band under the name Daniel Lioneye. They successfully released an album titled 'The King of Rock n' Roll' in Germany and Finland, and played at several festivals. 2003 not only saw HIM release their eagerly awaited 4th album, Love Metal, but for Linde March 6th saw the birth of his and girlfriend Manna's baby girl, Olivia. Now with him still playing in HIM, and having his own little family, Lindes future looks better than ever and all that is left to say is - "All hail the White Bombo!!"

Name: Mikko Viljami "Linde" Lindstrom(but hes mostly called Linde)
Nick Names: Linde, Lily Lazer, Danny, Lizzy, Barbie, Lindsey, Daniel Lioneye
Birth Date: August 12, 1976
Sign: Leo
Position in band: Guitarist, In the side project Daniel Lioneye he is lead guitarist and vocalist
Brothers/Sisters: Younger brother
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Drink: Beer
Favorite Movie: From Dusk til Dawn
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite City: Luxor
Special Intrests: Celibacy, Meditation, Ancient Egypt
Idols: Iggy Pop, John Lee Hooker,  Steve Vai, Nebula, Elvis
Favorite Song: Borellus(one of the first demos performed by HIM from 1995. Linde plays quite an amazing solo)
Guitars in his collection: Gibson SG, Gibson SG gothic, Gibson SG doubleneck, Scretch (Chet Atkins), Dia ( Japanese SC copy),  Levin '64 in the studio
Effects he uses: Crybaby (wah-wah), Octafuzz (full tone fuzz)

(information taken from official interviews and the HIM book)

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