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Album Razorblade Romance , 2000

Even though HIM.'s main goal seems to be gaining attention from a female audience, Greatest Lovesongs sure was a success artistically. The contrast between Razorblade Romance and the debut, however, is quite large. Melancholy and angst seem a little artificial, while Greatest Lovesongs had a truly pressuring atmosphere all the time. Razorblade Romance forgets all about that, and the whole concept of Gothic rock and
so-called "love metal" repeats itself many times during the album. But the songs themselves are actually very good; when ignoring the implementation, hit songs like "Join Me in Death" and "Right Here in My Arms" work really nicely. And horrendous clich├ęs in lyrics and playing don't really matter, because H.I.M. recycles them well. The slightly overproduced sound may distract for a while, but after all, the song material is of a kind that is hard to fit into a demanding format. Anyhow, the songs as a whole are organized well, and it's easy to listen to the album the whole way through.

1. "I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)" Him Lyrics
2. "Poison Girl" Him Lyrics
3. "Join Me In Death" Him Lyrics
4. "Right Here In My Arms" Him Lyrics
5. "Gone With The Sin" Him Lyrics
6. "Razorblade Kiss" Him Lyrics
7. "Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart" Him Lyrics
8. "Heaven Tonight" Him Lyrics
9. "Death Is In Love With Us" Him Lyrics
10. "Resurrection" Him Lyrics
11. "One Last Time" Him Lyrics
12. "Sigillum Diaboli" Him Lyrics
13. "The 9th Circle (OST)" Him Lyrics

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