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Album Love Metal , 2003

Goth rock has a real image problem on its hands. What started as a grim little offshoot of post-punk has, through dozen of pop-cultural permutations too random to understand, evolved into a style as confused as its typical teenage listener: Juggling the contradictory menace of the Antichrist Superstar and the wallowing, down-in-the-dumps misery of half-assed teenage suicide attempts. Neither, really, is all that interesting.
Although HIM (shorthand for His Infernal Majesty) isn’t quite as confused as, say neo-Goth icons like Marilyn Manson or AFI, Love Metal sure can’t muster the same sort of cold dread as Bauhaus, the graying misery of early-years Cure or the brooding discontent of Christian Death. Heck, even the metal-addicted rockers can’t come close to comparing to The Sisters of Mercy’s riffs. Instead, the Finnish band, take the style-before-substance approach of bubblegum Goth and crank the volume to 10.
Adopting a particularly fey twist on metal, HIM trots out muscular riffs only to emasculate them with lyrics that’d make a Dashboard Confessional fan blush. The album opens with promising riffs, though “Buried Alive By Love” quickly deteriorates into clich├ęd high-school poetry in which love and morbid imagery clumsily exchange bodily fluids. “The Sacrament” gives glam-saturated hair-metal a few coats of black paint. Think Poison trading its Aqua-net and pink eyeliner for pitch-black Manic Panic and gobs of ebony mascara and you’re in the same ballpark. “Sweet Pandemonium,” the band’s shot at a mid-paced rocker is more glam-pop-metal melodies and slick production than Goth’s choking atmosphere. “Circle of Fear,” is about as scary as Glenn Danzig in a clown costume, and it’s impossible to differentiate “Beyond Redemption” from that weird post-hardcore/metal thing that’s so popular with the Hot Topic set now.
Occasionally, HIM hints that it’s more than glam-metal wrapped in a black wardrobe. “Endless Dark” successfully explores spacious arrangements as the band settles into an autumn – if not quite winter – chill. “The Funeral of Hearts,” if you can look past the nauseous subject matter and its chorus’ proclivity toward AFI-esque dark anthems, offers a middling take on Goth-inspired metal.
In the end, however, HIM caters to keeping up with outlet-store Goth fashion more than it does in exploring the darker depths of its music. An awkwardly comfortable Goth album, HIM’s obsessions with pop accessibility make for a rather lukewarm record.

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