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Album Greatest Love songs Vol666 , 1997

Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 stands as one of the strongest debut albums in recent memory and different to album "LoveMetal", despite having the same producer.
From the album opener "Your Sweet 666" to the beautifuly dark "For You", this album could infact be a collection of some of the greatest lovesongs ever written. HIM uses terms like "death" and "666" as metaphors for love, and the feelings that surround being in love.
Here, Linde Laser's guitar riffs buzz and occasionally crunch; now, they chug along. HIM were apparently very influenced by Type O Negative when they did this album.
Opening track "Your Sweet Six Six Six" - a different version to the one on "Razorblade Romance" - is rawer than the slick pop-metal anthem it later became. This song has evolved over the years and now, when they play it live, the quiet (near-silent) bit in the middle often turns into an instrumental break... which one is the best version depends on personal opinion, but this song always rocks.
"Wicked Game" - a cover version of Chris Isaak's hit single - is now a crunchin', heavy-riffin' rawk song, a live favourite, with a good hook and - from my own jammin' experience - really fun to play!
"The Heartless" starts off sounding rather light compared with the previous 2 monster mosh songs, sounding like a flower-picking romantic skip through the meadows
"When Love And Death Embrace" (a typical HIM title) would be a great song if it wasn't so repetitive, long and drawn-out. It is saved by some good vocals and playing, and by changes in which instruments the emphasis is on, which reduces the repetitiveness a bit.
"The Beginning Of The End" is another doom-laden, buzzing hard rock track, a bit like "Our Diabolikal Rapture" only less exciting, until it gets to about 3 minutes in when it seems to pick up a bit, and then you realise it is a really good song after all.

HIM's cover of the Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" bears little resemblence to the original, despite being note-for-note and word-for-word. The strangely cheerful-souding (considering the suicidal subject matter of the lyrics!) surf-pop song has been transformed into a gothic power ballad with different instrumental arrangements, a slower pace and a duetting female guest singer (I'd like to know who she is, cos her voice is great and goes well with Ville, who is also on top form here).
"For You" is another doom-y track (most of them are), with a quiet intro before entering hard rock territory again, with some excellent vocals. One of HIM's best (and most forgotten) tracks, faultless except that it kind of leaves the listener hanging - it doesn't sound like the end of the album. If you have the version of the CD that I have, it's not actually the end of the album: 6 minutes into track 66, there is a hidden instrumental track (a very fashionable album gimmick nowadays, e.g. The Music's 2004 album "Welcome To The North") known just as "HIM 666" (I think it was actually an early demo of "The Heartless"). They were a bit obsessed with the Number Of The Beast (copyright Iron Maiden?) on this album as it has 66 tracks, is 66 minutes and 6 seconds long, and has a lot of 666 in the lyrics ("Your Sweet Six Six Six" obviously, but also "For You" has lyrics like "In six hundred and sixty-six ways I love you"...)
So, in conclusion, "Greatest Lovesongs Volume 666" was a good start for an excellent band, often heavier, grittier and rawer than much of their later stuff but still laying down the foundations for their "love metal" style. Only 9 "proper" tracks but they're all quality and show potential.

Tracklisting :
1. "For You" Him Lyrics
2. "Your Sweet Six Six Six" Him Lyrics
3. "Wicked Game" Him Lyrics
4. "The Heartless" Him Lyrics
5. "Our Diabolikal Rapture" Him Lyrics
6. "It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)" Him Lyrics
7. "When Love And Death Embrace" Him Lyrics
8. "The Beginning Of The End" Him Lyrics
9. "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" Him Lyrics

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