Sunday, November 8, 2009

Album Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights , 2001

"The Helsinki rock band HIM made a major breakthrough last year with bold songs of love and death. Metaphors of self-destruction combined with melodic pop songs which had been produced into bits of metallic atmosphere. HIM's new album, 'Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights' moves the band in a softer direction. HIM's favourite themes, love and death, have been narrowed down to just love, and the guitar and drum sounds are lighter than in the previous recording, Razorblade Romance. This is somewhat unfortunate, in that HIM's habit of combining degradation and passion is what made it both a traditional, and an interesting band. (...) In its third album, HIM seems to be working more on the kinds of rock sounds that Bon Jovi, for instance, produced in the 1980s..."

1. "Salt In Our Wounds"  HimLyrcs
2. "Heartache Every Moment" HimLyrics
3. "Lose You Tonight" Him Lyrics
4. "In Joy And Sorrow" Him Lyrics
5. "Pretending" Him Lyrics
6. "Close To The Flame" Him Lyrics
7. "You Are The One" Him Lyrics
8. "Please Don't Let It Go" Him Lyrics
9. "BeautifuL" Him Lyrics
10. "In Love And Lonely" Him Lyrics
11. "Don't Close Your Heart" Him Lyrics
12. "Love You Like I Do" Him Lyrics

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