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Album DarkLight , 2005

This album was released on September 26, 2005 internationally and on September 27, 2005 in the USA with a limited edition pre-release of 20,000 some days before. This limited edition came in a tin case with a 24 page booklet with hand written lyrics by the bands lead singer, Ville Valo, a certificate of authenticity and a key chain flash light that flashes the bands infamous Heartagram. It debuted in stores, however, with a glossy black plastic wrap covering the front, so in order to see the real cover you needed to purchase it.

The album was originally supposed to be produced and mixed by Andy Wallace, an accomplished Americas producer, but vocalist Ville Valo said he made HIM sound too 'American' and they fired him, hiring Tim Palmer with whom they had worked before on Love Metal and And Love Said No.
The first single released from the album is "Wings of a Butterfly".
The album charted at 18 in both the US and in the UK. In Germany "Dark Light"

1. "Face Of God" Him Lyrics
2. "Wings Of A Butterfly" Him Lyrics
3. "Killing Loneliness" Him Lyrics
4. "Behind The Crimson Door" Him Lyrics
5. "Dark Light" Him Lyrics
6. "Under The Rose" Him Lyrics
7. "Vampire Heart" Him Lyrics
8. "Play Dead" Him Lyrics
9. "Drunk On Shadows" Him Lyrics
10. "In The Night-Side Of Eden" Him Lyrics
11. "Venus (In Our Blood)" Him Lyrics
12. "The Cage" Him Lyrics

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